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Welcome to convenient Truck and Bakkie Hire. We assist customers with quick access to truck, bakkie and van hire at short notice. By empowering Owner Drivers, we’re changing the adage of what people term ‘Truck Hire’. This sets us apart as a STAND-OUT in a category of truck rental clones.

Owner Drivers report for duty, take instructions, handle collections, carry out deliveries and return with all necessary paperwork. Reduce the red tape involved with conventional truck rental companies, save time and money using independent man and van service providers for all your transport needs.

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Fleetsmart Truck and Bakkie Hire

Conventional Truck Hire Company

Ockert P. Exceeded Expectations

"I would just like to take my hat off to Fleetsmart. I was a little skeptic sending our R170k order. The service was spectacular from start to finish. Thank you Fleetsmart."

Olivia H. Great Customer Service

“Their drivers are polite and are always flexible and willing to help. I will definitely use their services again especially as a small business with limited resources.”

Dianne A. Very Professional

"We cannot thank Fleetsmart enough for their professional, friendly and efficient service. It's great to work with a company that places emphasis on customer service."