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Fleetsmart is a short term distribution specialist, assisting companies to manage time sensitive delivery projects at short notice. With the emphasis on empowering Small to Medium Enterprises, Fleetsmart took the initiative and championed an Owner Driver concept with OVER 650 VEHICLES strategically set up throughout South Africa. This enables us to provide a fast delivery service to even the most remote and rural areas with relative ease. We evaluate each distribution project independently to ensure our experienced team offers a solution that’s agile, adaptive, and successfully meets each delivery timeline.

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What sets us apart in the industry is our unique ability to react and adapt to the demands and individual needs of each distribution as well as our commitment to take ownership and manage all aspects of each project in a pragmatic way.

Natasha B Fast & Helpful

"Fleetsmart is a great service provider with a fantastic turnaround time. I have made use of Fleetsmart 3 times for short-term distribution projects & sure there will be a 4th. I highly recommend them."

Debbie H Long Time Client

“We have done a road-running event with Fleetsmart for 8 years. Trucks are preloaded & leave at 2am in the morning. Management & drivers are easy to work with. Never late & always go the extra mile.”

Owen J Thank You Fleetsmart!

"I would like to thank the team at Fleetsmart for their amazing service. Everything seamless from quoting to deliver of goods to supplying of POD’s… great job guys – keep it up."